I wanna fucking kiss someone I actually have feelings for. no stupid pointless hookups that leave you lonely at night. I wanna kiss someone and wake up in their arms the next day. I wanna receive the love I give. I just want something real.

Monday Sep 1 10:14pm
Monday Sep 1 10:14pm
Sunday Aug 31 05:25pm
Thursday Aug 28 11:02pm
Wednesday Aug 27 03:26pm
Sunday Aug 24 06:35pm

The Greatest


The Greatest

Sunday Aug 24 12:10am
Saturday Aug 23 09:25pm
My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them. (58/365) by (KJ) Saturday Aug 23 09:16pm
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Saturday Aug 23 09:05pm


i am going to cry it’s perfect

Saturday Aug 23 09:00pm
Friday Aug 22 08:35pm

The most hardcore handshake of all time. 


The most hardcore handshake of all time. 

Friday Aug 22 07:35pm


Tinashe FT A$AP Rocky - Pretend (New)
Friday Aug 22 03:56pm

Hold the person that you love closely if they’re next to you
The one you love, not the person that’ll simply have sex with you
Appreciate them to the fullest extent, and then beyond
‘Cause you never really know what you got, until it’s gone

Thursday Aug 21 10:49pm
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